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Homeopathy has been in use for well over 200 years. It is a health care modality that uses diluted remedies that have no appreciable amount of physical substances left after dilution, only the energetic essence of the ingredients remain. It is believed that these energy remedies motivate our bodies to function at a higher level thus providing balance and healing to take place.

I have a good understanding of the use of complex remedies, which often have several different ingredients that have been formulated to enact a certain response in our bodies. We use the product lines of Apex Energetics, a company based in Southern California. They have many formulations that enable us to cleanse, heal, and strengthen the body in a very consistent and safe process.

I especially like the IBS INDEX that Apex has introduced. This test stands for Interstitial Biological Score, a reference to the mesenchyme of the cells of our bodies. The mesenchyme is a fibrous net that surrounds each cell, and a place where toxins can get trapped and accumulate. Using homeopathic filters and muscle testing, we can see how your body is doing in three areas: levels of toxicity, degree of blockage, and the level of degeneration already taken place. Once a score for each category is made, remedies are then determined that will help each area to cleanse and allow proper function and health to return.

It is said that as long as we can excrete these toxic build-ups we can stay healthier and have more energy and vitality. Since it is so difficult to control what toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis, it seems logical then to keep  the body as efficient as possible in cleansing and detoxifying of each and every cell. Homeopathic remedies have been shown to enable us to do just that.